Tails Of Love Photography | About
I am passionate about animals! Growing up on my grandparent’s farm in Southern Illinois, there was never a shortage of furry friends. From a very young age, animals were a part of everyday life. Some of my “pets” along the way have included not only dogs and cats, but goats, horses, cows, llamas, chickens, doves, and turtles.

I have many fond memories of this time, as it helped shape my love and respect for animals. One of my most prized possessions is the photos my grandpa took of that time. This is why I first picked up a camera as a child and still motivates me today. I believe that if you can catch a moment in time, it can remind you of the moments before and after, allowing you to build a whole story from the pieces.

I now live in Jasper, IN, with my husband and AmStaff, Maggie. I have carried my love for animals and passion for photography into this company. I understand that every animal has its own unique personality and my photography captures that.